About us

Aryks is a high-tech service company

Based in Tel Aviv and Paris, Aryks seeks to offer powerful, state-of-the-art new technologies

The technologies : AI, Data Science, Image Processing, Electro Optic, Sensors

Our mission : democratization of these technologies to every field of application, regardless of company size

Aryks encapsulates the technologies, allowing our clients to optimize existing process, unlock new business strategies, and focus on their core business



leveraging state-of-the-art technologies

Our Technologies

Our capabilities are due to our proximity to the best academic centers and to the israeli technological ecosystem.

Machine Learning & Data Science : predictive models, Deep learning by neural network, SVM & KNN Classification, unsupervised Clustering, Reinforcement learning, NLP, OCR.

Electro-optical : Cameras, SWIR, NIR, MWIR, LWIR, Radiometry, Spectral filter, Polarisation, Zoom & Focus, Design of visible and thermical optics  

ultra-rapid sampling with suitable acquisition methods.


Image Processing: Segmentation, Classification, VMD, ATR, NUC, DRC, Histogram calibration, Contrast, Sharpness,  Target tracking.

Sensors: Optical, pyroelectric, magnetic, seismic & acoustic sensors

Computer Circuit Board Macro


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